Let’s Write our First Feature Film!

It’s based on an idea that I’ve had for about 2 years now. I wrote and filmed a short with it, and I’m ready to expand it into a feature film.

Do you want to write your first feature film alongside me? I’ll go step by step.

Recommended reads

Since I’ve never written a feature before, I thought I’d trust the experts.

Robert McKee’s Story is not a step by step guide, it’s more of a way of seeing and building stories that matter. Even though McKee is kind of stubborn in his ideas, and he might get some things wrong here and there, I found it extremely useful. I agreed on his approach. You have to be a bold writer of truth, whatever truth means to you.

Very useful to get inspired and in the right mindset to write a feature.

Blake Snyder’s Save the cat! on the other hand, is:

  1. Definetely a step by step guide.
  2. Miles away from McKee’s approach, it has a commercial and «sell your script» undertone.

I will follow Blake Snyder’s step by step method because it’s the «simplest». We all complain about how «simple» commercially successful movies are, but…I mean they’re better than the zero feature films I’ve written. So let’s start on «easy» mode.

Follow my blog for weekly updates on my screenwriting process!

And comment if you’re in the middle of writing a feature film, and what advice would you give to a first-time-feature-writer.

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  1. […] I mentioned in my Introduction Blog Post, I’m following Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat! method, and in his first chapter «What is […]

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